Steel Carports:

Round roof carports

The most typical and standard carport with round polycarbonate roof. Availaible as single, double and side carport.

Standard dimmensions:

Single carport: 552 cm x 309 cm 4 posts
Double carport: 552 cm x 525 4 posts
Side carport: to be determined 2 posts

Material: quality construction steel

Anticorrosion surface treatements:

All carports are hot dib galvanized acc. to ISO norms for prevention against rust. It is actually the for of prevention steel against rust.

Optional surface treatement:

A.) Painting with anticorossion paint

B.) Antistatical powder painting to each RAL standard colour

Standard equipment:

1.)Complate rainwater system

2.)Roof (standard material Polycarbonate plate 6mm, optionally 10mm or PVC)

Carport details:

carport with round roof, from poland

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